Build a Sustainable Routine

Working at home and maintaining daily life undoubtedly disrupts the current job routine and makes it very difficult to stick to the routine. One way to eliminate this problem is to be open to a new routine that includes new conditions. Setting yourself some time to start and finish will allow you to clearly distinguish between your work day and your daily life at home.

Start the Day Early

Working from home can be very challenging, especially if you live with people who need attention or who can direct your attention to different points. The method of creating time to provide yourself with uninterrupted focus is to wake up an hour or two before the household and get to work immediately after a few peaceful moments with a cup of tea or coffee.

Create a Workspace

It will be quite difficult to achieve efficiency in the areas generally used for calm and comfort (such as a bed or sofa). One way to eliminate this problem is to create an area to increase efficiency and use only this area during work. This method consists of working at the kitchen table or separating a part of any room you choose as “home-office” with table, chair and table lamp.

If these options don’t suit you, don’t worry! You can enter into a focused work mentality by just picking up the mess. If you have to work on a bed or sofa, making sure you fold the blankets properly, opening the blinds or lights and sitting upright, will be a good start to avoid many focusing problems.

Remove Everything That Can Distract You

Working in an unsupervised environment where it is easy to log in to a social media network or explore websites, in order to listen a little bit, sometimes you can get away from work. One way to reduce this would be to download site-blocking extensions that, according to your own choice, can block websites that restrict your use of the internet and assume distractions. Through the blocking extensions (eg StayFocusd or WasteNoTime), you will be able to restrict the websites you choose during your chosen time period.

Dress for Business

Pajamas and other bed clothes can cause you to feel a lot of relaxation, which is not very comfortable during work. Being dressed can help you reveal your intent and prepare your mind to be the most productive for the job.

Know Break

It can also be difficult to determine and stay loyal to the time at home, but such a limit is extremely important for both your productivity and mental health. In your office life, there are external factors that cause you to end the working day, like your colleagues leaving the office, being hungry for dinner, or catching a train. Set alarms to remind yourself that it’s time to pay. A healthy work-life balance prevents the sense of burnout and provides the motivation you need to get up and get back to work the next day.

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