Glutens and foods

What foods contain gluten?

Wheat and flour are the materials we use quite frequently in our diet. That’s why there are some gluten-containing foods that you should stop using.

Some foods and drinks you should avoid if you suffer from gluten sensitivity:



Bread and cake

Fried foods

Salad dressings


Alternatives to red meat and seafood

Soy sauce


What foods do not contain gluten?

Milk and other dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, cream and yogurt.

All meat types

Fresh fish and seafood


Greens, vegetables and root vegetables


Rice and corn


Sugar and honey

Oils and butter


Beverages such as orange, lemon soda and cola




Natural spices


And much more!

What vitamins for gluten sensitivity?

Taking vitamin supplements is a requirement for gluten sensitivity. This is due to a decrease in the absorption of iron, calcium and other vitamins caused by damage to the inner surface of the intestines.

Moreover, most of the gluten products contain vitamins and minerals. If you are deprived of these, your diet will have low nutritional value. To deal with this, you should speak to a specialist who can give you advice on gluten-free vitamin products that you need to get the most suitable daily.

Finally, it should be noted that gluten sensitivity is a solution. For this you just need to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle. However, having this disease does not mean that you have to stop eating in restaurants and isolate yourself.

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