What is vaginismus?

We call it vaginismus because of the involuntary contraction of the muscles around the vaginal entrance due to pain and anxiety. Vaginismus disease, also known as fear of having sexual intercourse, can be seen in one out of every ten women.

When women get married, they can start with the fear of the first night, and the state of vaginismus may develop due to their previously existing fears. Women who do not have any problems during their beloved period begin with pain, fear, panic state during the penetration of the vagina and contractions at the entrance to the vagina.

Women regard this entry as impossible. This situation can become more severe as experiments increase. After a while, even his thought can reveal complaints. It turns into a kind of anxiety disorder and phobia.

How do you know that you are vaginismus?

When sexual intercourse is attempted, it can only be determined by the fact that only the tip of the penis can enter very painfully and painfully or it cannot enter at all. The woman unwittingly involuntarily pushes her partner. This happens with every trial.

How is vaginismus diagnosed?

For vaginismus discomfort, it is not necessary to have pain and pain only during intercourse. Sometimes the patient does not even allow to reach that stage. For this reason, many women can still be identified as virgins. Diagnosis can be made by gynecological examination and history. The degree of vaginismus can be determined by examination. This is also a guide for treatment.

How is vaginismus treatment?

The treatment of a woman with vaginismus disease can be successful with a plan that suits her. It is also not true to say anything clear before the patient is fully evaluated. The success of the treatment depends on the knowledge, experience and ability of the physician, as well as on the couple.

It is imperative that the couple be willing, patient and support each other and trust their doctors. If there are problems in relational and communicative problems in the couple, it is beneficial to correct this to some extent. Problems such as family relationships, environmental pressure should be minimalized, the couple should try to isolate themselves from negative external factors during the treatment. After these conditions are met, treatment is planned according to the person.

When does vaginismus treatment end?

Vaginismus treatment ends with a real sexual intercourse and gynecological examination. Therefore, post-intercourse control examination is important when terminating treatment. This problem does not recur in women who have successfully completed vaginismus treatment. On the contrary, the woman who starts a higher quality sexual life starts to enjoy sexuality.

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