The laughing person clings to life.

Humor is a more serious stress reliever than you might think. Here are a few ways you can lower your stress levels:

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  • It relaxes your body. Laughing physical behavior can result in a complete drop in your physiological stress level. As you laugh, your blood pressure drops and your heart rhythm slows after rising for a short time. The brain can also secrete endorphins, which can cause a more calming physical condition.
  • It can improve your immunity. Researchers are beginning to discover that humor can have even more important health-promoting effects. Laughter increases your body’s stress hormone production while increasing the production of disease-resistant T cells and chemical interferon, all of which can lead to a stronger immune system.
  • It gives you a perspective. Humor creates distance and objectivity. If you can find a way to see a potentially stressful situation in a humorous way, you will reduce the potential for stress with this experience.
  • It can make you look less seriously. Much of your stress comes from paying much attention to how you see yourself or how others see you. If you can learn how to laugh at yourself, you will take away other people’s (and the conditions themselves) the ability to trigger your stress.

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