Be stress-free

Those who want to lose weight make themselves extremely stressed by following strict diets from time to time. However, stress is one of the biggest enemies to lose weight. In order to get rid of your excess, it is enough to pay attention to your daily habits instead of compressing yourself.

1. Drink a Glass of Water Before Each Meal In a study on obesity in England, it was observed that those who drink water before each meal lose an average of four kilos in three months. 

2. Have Breakfast  

Not all dieticians are wrong, right? Having breakfast in the morning is one of the most important tools for weight protection and weight loss.  

3. Exercise During Television Advertising

 Considering that each television commercial takes at least three minutes, taking into account that a television program takes at least five breaks in the advertising zone, your average half an hour is wasted. Stand up instead of changing channels. Go up the stairs, walk where you are, do abdominal and hip exercises. 

 4. Five Minute Extra Walk Every Day

 Increasing the duration of activity is one of the important habits in losing weight. You may be lazy to walk. But if you walk for five minutes, you won’t lose anything, you can add five minutes every day to increase your walking time to half an hour, while you can get used to walking. 

 5. Chew A Lot 

People usually eat more than they think because they eat fast. Chewing more allows you to eat less. Turn chewing into a game while eating, chew, count.  

 6. For Green Tea

  Drink a cup of green tea every day. Recommended by every dietician, as well as antioxidant. But remember that it contains caffeine, try not to consume it late in the evening.  

7. Don’t Avoid Dairy Products

  In a study published in Obesity Research, those who consume dairy products lost 70 percent more fat than those who did not.

8. Walk While Talking on the Phone 

 An experiment was conducted at the Mayo Clinic. The participants took an extra 1000 calories for eight weeks. It is seen that people who have been displaced in their daily lives, who go to the market instead of ordering from the market, who do not even sit on the phone, walk during the day do not gain weight despite this.

 9. Sleep for Seven Hours

 It has been proven that people who do not sleep well eat more. Insomnia triggers the hormone ghrelin, which increases the feeling of hunger, and ensures the release of leptin, which ensures enough sleep.  

10. Play Sports With Your Friends  

Playing with friends increases your motivation and ensures that you do not run away from sports. Play sports with your friends.

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