What should I do against acne?

The importance of factors such as foods with high glycemic index, hygiene, cosmetics, some drugs and stress in the development of acne is known.

Sebum production increased in acne patients compared to other individuals Increased sebum, differences in content, colonization of propioniobacterium acnes are common.

The most common dermatological disease of adolescence and young adulthood is acne problem.New research on acne is now known to have impaired microbiota balance.

Some hormones can cause acne formation by causing increased sebum. Factors such as food, hygiene, cosmetics, certain medications and stress are known for the development of acne.

Foods with high glycemic index also play a role in the formation of acne. Milk and dairy consumption is also thought to have an impact. It is known that acne, which constitutes 99 percent of acne cases, has been chronic with exacerbations for many years.

Acne settles on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. This problem can start from adolescence until the 30s and sometimes even longer. Laboratory examinations are not performed in patients who respond to standard treatments. However, hormonal evaluation may be required in the resistant and non-responsive group.

Treatment methods

Acne is graded and classified according to different scales. It is most commonly classified simply as mild, moderate, severe, very severe. Topical, ie, skin treatments can be used alone or in combination with antibiotics and other systemic drugs.

Most topical treatments can initially cause irritation to the skin. Systemic antibiotics can be chosen first in the treatment of moderate and severe acne. Hormonal therapy can be used alone or in combination with other treatments in the treatment of acne, which is considered to be at the forefront of hormones in etiopathogenesis.

Systemic isotretinoin treatment can be given with regular laboratory examinations and examinations in the treatment of severe, resistant, non-response to standard treatments, acne leaving marks. The most common side effects in this treatment are dryness of the lips, skin and dry eyes.

It is very important for the acne patients to clean the skin properly, moisten it when necessary and protect it from the sun. A cleanser that does not irritate the skin, does not trigger acne, does not cause allergies, and water-based and oil-free moisturizers should be preferred.

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