You Will Be Shocked When You Hear This Information

Why is the bottom of the wine bottle made like this? What is this round thing on the cable? Why are there holes in the windows of planes? What is the hole in the pen caps for?
Questions like this have always been on our minds. The small details that we see and use in daily life but do not have any information about its original function actually have quite important functions. In this article, we explain what the small details in the things we use in our daily lives are useful.

Pit Under Wine Bottle
Many people like to drink wine to relax. If you are one of them, you probably noticed the inward pit under the wine bottles. So why are wine bottles designed so? These concave pits, also known as Bombe, provide the balance needed by the bottle to prevent it from being swept against the wind. It also dispenses steam during cleaning before the wine is poured into the glass.

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Handle Behind Shirt
We are pretty sure that you have noticed this ring behind your shirts. In fact, this was something used by ship travelers at first. You know that there is no room for a cupboard on a boat. Because of this, in the past, sailors used these rings on the back of their shirts to hang their shirts. In the 60s, children who went to the gymnasiums used them for the same reason. Nowadays these rings on the back of the shirts have only become an indicator of quality.
Color Toothpaste Square
Have you ever noticed this blue, red, black or green square at the end of the toothpaste tubes? We are sure that you have no idea what these frames are for. These squares, called “eye markers”, are important for machines in the assembly phase. These marks indicate where the tube should be cut and folded. What cool information, right?
Read Fuel Gauge
If you are driving, this information will be useful. Almost all vehicles built in 2010 and later have an arrow on the right or left of the petrol gauges. This arrow indicates which side of the vehicle the fuel filler cap is on. Maybe you know where your car’s fuel cap is located, but if you are using a safety car or a rental car, this information will be very useful.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

Jeans Buttons
We are all dressed in jeans, and you probably noticed buttons placed on the seams. Do you know what they are for? These buttons, called “Rivets”, are used to prevent the seams from fraying and opening. Levi Strauss, who invented jeans and these buttons, found this idea in 1829 after the miners complained about the wear of their jeans.
Hole in Pan Handles
If you are not a very professional cook, we are sure that you do not know what these holes in the handles of your pans or pans are for. These holes, which you use to hang utensils, are also used to attach spoons or scoops to the edge of the pan for mixing while cooking.

Extra Holes in Sneakers
In sneakers, you may have noticed the holes left for the laces, as well as the upper left. These are not design errors! If the shoes you buy are a little big, it will be inevitable to look fluffy. Making these laces by using these holes will make you feel more comfortable in the shoes. These holes, known as heel locks, allow you to create tighter ligaments.

Black Grills in Microwave Ovens
The lids of these ovens have black grilles known as the Faraday Cage. These grills are important for your food to cook properly. They also prevent any dangerous situation from occurring.

Pits on Golf Balls
The truth is that; golf balls aren’t exactly round. Looking carefully, the holes on the ball will be noticed. In fact, golfers know that notched and lumpy balls go farther than new ones. These pits create turbulence and reduce friction.

Photo by Steve Johnson on

Long Neck Bottles
Adult beverages are usually placed in long neck bottles. These long necks allow the bottles to be handled more comfortably. Apart from that, it is easier to fill the drink in a glass or mug with such bottles. In addition, heat is dissipated better in this way. For unfiltered beers, onion-shaped bottles are useful when it comes to precipitation.

Can Opener Ring
What are the rings in the thing used to open cans? In fact, their function is to fasten straws. However, this is a situation that is a thing of the past and not used much. Because a lot of people don’t use a straw when they drink from the can. In fact, the mouths of the cans have been expanded to facilitate drinking.

Protrusions on the Keyboard Keys
You may have noticed the tabs on the “F” and “J” keys on the Q keyboard. These protrusions allow you to position your fingers correctly on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard. If you are using ten fingers, your left index finger must rest on the “F” key and your right index finger on the “J” key.

Hole in iPhone Cameras
iPhone users have noticed the small hole right next to the camera lenses. This hole is actually a microphone. Since the release of iPhone 5, the company has added three microphones to every phone it releases. One is at the top, one at the bottom, and the last is next to the camera lens. This ensures that the recorded sound is of good quality.

Zigzag in Wire Buckles
Wire buckles have two edges, one with zigzag and one straight. The zigzag section should always face the scalp. So it should stay inside. This zigzag edge not only makes your hair look beautiful, but also keeps the buckle firmly on your hair. Be sure to use it this way.

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