Where are the Places with Low Earthquake Risk in the World?

Places with low earthquake risk in the world; are places far from earthquake belts. It has been observed from past to present that earthquakes generally follow plate boundaries and especially concentrate on two generations. One of these generations and the most obvious is the Pacific Belt surrounding the Pacific Ocean; Gibraltar-Tariq from the other islands of Indonesia and Turkey uza¬n up with close neighbors into the Mediterranean area – is Himalayan Belt

As in the past, 68% of all earthquakes in the world are located in the Pacific belt, 21% in the Mediterranean-Himalayan belt and the remaining 11% in other continents. 80% of the earthquake energy (1025 erg) released worldwide in a year is emitted from the Pacific belt. First degree earthquake countries in the world around the Pacific: Aleutian islands, California, Mexico, Chile, Peru; Mediterranean basin: Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran; In Asia: Caucasus-Himalaya, Pamir Baykal zones, Indonesian islands, Philippines, Japan, Kamchatka; North Africa, Iceland, Nitrogens, New Zealand and Hawaii. These countries are also regions where volcanic activity and tectonic movements are active.

In contrast, almost no earthquake is heard on ancient core massifs such as Siberia, Canada, Central Africa and Brazil.

The countries with the highest seismicity are Japan, Western Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines. The Mediterranean belt and California (USA) are in second place.

As in the continents, seismicity in different countries carries different values ​​according to regions. While some regions are often shaken violently in one country, other regions are affected by fewer and lighter earthquakes. Thus, the seismicity of continents and countries can be divided into different regions or zones, and earthquake zones or earthquake zones maps are made using these data.

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