Information About Your Body

Human hair has the flexibility to handle three kilos.

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The reason why heart cancer is so rare is that most of the dividing cells that make the heart grow are completed in infancy.

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The reason why the foot odor resembles cheese chips is that it contains the same type of chemicals.

The number of nerve receptors in women is twice that of men; so they feel pain more intensely. However, they are also more resistant to pain.

Our sense of taste has a great relationship with colors.

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The opiates secreted when your body digests the cheese can be addictive.

The reason we stretch is not that we need to get too much oxygen, but to cool our brains.

Although there are more than five time zones in China, the whole country uses Beijing time.

There are three different color cones in people’s eyes. Blue-yellow-red.

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Flushing is caused by an increase in adrenaline. However, when we are afraid, despite the secretion of adrenaline, our face does not blush.

If you pull a pea out of your nose, it may sprout and grow in your lungs.

The cause of fainting is that our parasympathetic nervous system lowers blood pressure suddenly and the blood flow to the brain is interrupted.

Right-handers live an average of 9 years longer than left-handers

People have at least 1460 dreams a year.

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Coffee does not help sober a drunk person. It often leads to increased effects of alcohol.

Just like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue is different.

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A person can live with a kidney and a lung for a long time, without stomach, spleen, but not even for a minute without a liver.

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After clinical death, a person can be brought back to life within 5 minutes. Brain cells begin to die after 5 minutes, but it is still possible to extend this period for another 5 minutes.

While sleeping, we spend twice as many calories as when watching TV.

At night, you will be 1 cm shorter than morning.

If you sneeze too hard, one of your rib bones may break.

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The average person walks around the world around three times during his lifetime.

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