Herbs That Speed Up Metabolism

Rosemary: A herb that helps in solving many health problems. In experimental studies, it is stated that by suppressing the pancreatic lipase enzyme, it reduces the absorption of fat from the intestines and thus has an anti-weight gain effect. It also facilitates digestion of especially fatty foods by increasing bile secretion. On the other hand, the diuretic properties of rosemary leaves help remove edema from the body. People with blood pressure should use it carefully as it can speed up blood circulation.

Oregano: Essential oil has stomach acid and bile enhancing effects. With this effect, it facilitates digestion.

Cherry Stem: In addition to its urine-enhancing feature, it prevents the disruption of the urinary potassium balance due to its rich potassium content.

Cinnamon: It is among the plants whose effects have been revealed in order to regulate sugar metabolism and to control insulin resistance.

Green Tea: It is known as an analeptic drinker that relieves physical fatigue and energizes due to its caffeine derivatives. Caffeine derivatives help to remove edema in the body with its urine-increasing effect. Green tea has a fat burner (lipolytic) and glycogenolytic properties. Fat burning effect has also been demonstrated by clinical studies.

Mulberry Leaf: It suppresses the absorption of enzymes (alpha-glucosidase) that provide the conversion of complex sugars (oligo- and starch) into simple sugars in the intestines, thereby preventing the storage of sugar in the form of fat.

Powder Tree: It is effective against constipation. It helps the emptying of the intestines.

Heather Leaf: It provides the removal of edema in the body with its urine increasing effect.

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