Definitive and Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Almost everyone has a problem with insomnia. Especially with the large number of mass media, this discomfort can cause sleep to go away at night. However, a comfortable and good sleep is everyone’s right. In this article, we searched for cure for insomnia. We share the foods that will relax and relax you for you.

Warm milk
With the tryptophan, the amino acid in milk, it relaxes the brain and makes the mind calm.
1 glass of milk, drunk 20 minutes before sleeping, creates a comfortable and healthy sleep state.

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Vanilla milk
It provides a strong sleeping effect with its vanilla calming feature. Drinking vanilla milk half an hour before going to sleep will speed up your sleep process. In addition to vanilla, you can add it to your milk in a stick.

Milk with honey
Drinking milk with honey before going to sleep will help you to fall asleep smoothly.

Milk with banana
Crush the banana with a fork and add it to your milk. Banana milk will support you in your transition to sleep.

Buttermilk and Yogurt
Buttermilk and yoghurt duo are among the sleep-bringing foods that everyone knows. If ayran or yogurt consumption is made before bedtime, it brings the person to sleep by relaxing.

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Thanks to the tripofan in the potato, it provides your balances and the transition to sleep shortens your speed.

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If a handful is consumed before sleeping with tryptophan and calcium in almonds, it will ease your transition to sleep by relaxing the muscles.

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The apple, which acts as a sleeping pill, speeds the transition to sleep when eaten before going to sleep at night.

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Radish, a complete source of vitamin C, is very useful for sleep, eating at night or drinking water.

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Apricot is a food that is good for insomnia by calming the nerves.

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95 percent of the melon is water and is useful for calming the nerves and a comfortable sleep.

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Thanks to the tryptophan in turkey, it relaxes you. A small piece of boiled turkey meat will bring you to sleep on a thin slice of bran bread at least 3 hours before sleep.

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Oat flour
It is a medicine for a good sleep with oat content melatonin, which is one of the stress-effective grains. You can mix it with maple sherbet and drink it.

Flaxseed for Sleep
You can consume flaxseed, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, by adding it to milk or yogurt.

Bran bread
Bran bread provides a little release of insulin in the body and reports sleepiness to tryptophan and serotonin.

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Mint Chamomile Tea
Consuming mint or plain chamomile tea will calm and relax you. A glass of chamomile tea, which is drunk before going to sleep, will bring your sleep.

Cherry Or Cherry Juice
Cherry and cherry bring a high amount of melatonin to sleep and increase the quality of sleep.

You can crush 20 cherries or cherries in a bowl of yogurt by crushing them in the blender.

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Mix 20 g of valerian with 5 g of fennel, 5 g of cumin, 20 g of mint root. Brew the mixture in a glass full of hot water and drink it using a teaspoon. If you wish, you can sweeten it with honey. This mixture is a complete sleep potion.

Hot Shower
Taking a hot shower relaxes the body and makes the body more ready for sleep. Your shower should not be too long or too short, you can use fragrant bath salts to relax you in the shower.

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Massages on the back, nape and scalp relax the muscles and facilitate the transition to sleep.

Listening to classical music will relax you and make your transition to sleep easier. You can also listen to the sound of rain to sleep.

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Ventilate the Bedroom
A very warm and very cold bedroom misses sleep. Ventilating the room you will sleep 20 minutes before going to bed facilitates the transition to sleep.

If your body does not get tired much during the day, you can facilitate your transition to sleep with 15 minutes of body exercises 1 hour before going to sleep.

Your body likes to sleep regularly and at the same intervals. The ideal sleep time is 7-8 hours. By adjusting this period, you should determine a bedtime and awakening that you will adhere to every day.

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Blacken Your Bedroom
Turn off everything that is light or bright in your room while you sleep. Stay away from electronic devices such as television, computer, mobile phone.

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