Food Synergy: Foods to be eaten together

Do you know the food pairings that can work wonders for your health when consumed together?

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A concept that has been studied for many years to describe the relationship between some foods in terms of food synergy, food pairing and food interaction. Some foods give better results when consumed together. They reveal the best of each other for a powerful feeding fist. Correct pairing of the foods you put on your plate helps your body absorb various nutrients better and strengthens them against diseases.

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The bioactive form of turmeric is curcumin, one of the most powerful antioxidants known to date. It has not only anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), but also powerful anti-cancer properties. The bioactive compound found in black pepper is known as piperine. Combined, piperine helps improve curcumin’s cancer-fighting properties and increases its absorption by 1000 times! So, next time, add a piece of black pepper with turmeric.

Tomatoes are rich in a strong antioxidant called lycopene, while broccoli is rich in another beneficial herbal nutrient called sulforafan. Together, these two have been extensively studied for their anti-cancer properties, especially prostate cancer. Both tomato and broccoli increase their nutritional value when cooked. The nutritional value of broccoli increases even more in the presence of tomatoes. This perfect couple also helps to strengthen your immunity.

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The best way to unlock vitamins in vegetables is to use a pinch of oil or a few oilseeds (nuts, walnuts, etc.). A bit of healthy fat can help increase the absorption of vitamins E, A and K, as well as increase the absorption of nutrients such as alpha and beta carotene, lutein and lycopene. Even sprinkling only hazelnut paste on your salads allows you to get all the fat-soluble vitamins from vegetables.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants with many health benefits, such as catechins. According to studies, the antioxidant capacity of green tea increases 5-10 times when paired with some lemon juice. This is due to the presence of vitamin C in lemon, which perfectly matches the catechins in green tea. This dual, which you can easily do, can increase your immunity, prevent premature aging, and also fight certain types of cancer. So, don’t forget to squeeze some lemon juice into the green tea next time.

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