The biggest reason for snoring was determined

According to studies, the rate of fat on the tongue greatly affects snoring.

The snoring problem, which has been explored for years, has also attracted scientists to different poles.

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With the latest research on the subject, the most recent result came from the USA.

Fat in the tongue is an important factor
According to the research carried out in Perelman Medical School, one of the oldest medical schools in the USA, the fat in the tongue greatly affects the quality of sleep and causes snoring.

The Lower The Fat Rate, The Better Sleep
Dr. Faculty researchers. Richard Schwab said in his statement: “We speak with our tongue, we eat with our tongue and we breathe with our tongue. Then why is fat stored here? “The reason fat is stored here may be genetic or environmental factors, but the lower the fat rate of the tongue, the higher the probability of good sleep,” he said.

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Snoring Decreases When The Weight Is Given
Another result found by scientists is that the snoring problem decreases in people who lose weight. It was observed that when the patients’ weight loss reached 10 percent, the fat rate in their tongue decreased and their snoring improved by 30 percent.

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