The mistakes men make most in sexuality

Most men learn sexuality by talking to their peers during adolescence. But the information he has learned is from his peers, who have as much experience of sexuality as himself. They also acquire information from the internet, movies and media. Some of this information is exaggerated, unreal and false. And they experience sexuality with this incomplete misinformation. Strangest of all, they believe that this information is absolutely true. As a result of this, they do not even notice some of their misbehavior in sexuality.

1-Not to talk about sexuality

Many men think sexuality is natural. He avoids talking about it. However, there may be desires and desires of the other party in sexuality. We know that even couples who have been married for a long time don’t know where the other side enjoys. Besides sex, sex should be talked about. It is necessary to ask the expectations and wishes of the woman in sexuality. In this way, more pleasurable, satisfying sexuality can be experienced.

2-To think that women are ready for sexuality in any situation

Sexuality may not be as occasional as many other desires. Sexual desire may decrease when there are problems with the partner, fatigue, demoralization, depression, etc. Talk to your partner about this situation before you insist that your partner does not have sexual desire. Solving problems will bring you closer together. Couples who care about each other have a happier sexual life.

3-Not showing interest to his wife

Sexuality is the pinnacle of intimacy. Making overly negative comments about a woman’s body distorts her sexuality. If you do not pay attention to your partner during the day, insult, talk or behave badly, your closeness will decrease. Nice words make a woman feel good. It is very difficult for people who do not feel closeness to live insatiable sexuality. This will only be done as a duty.

4-Not spending enough time on foreplay

When men feel ready for their sexuality, they begin their sexuality in a hurry. The longer the duration of sex before sexual intercourse, the more ready the woman becomes. Women take a little more time to be stimulated than men. So make time for foreplay. Don’t be tempted.

5-Not to consider premature ejaculation

Many men face premature ejaculation problem. But he doesn’t want to talk to the other side about it. This ignores the problem. If sexual intercourse lasts under 2 minutes, premature ejaculation may be a problem. In this case it is very difficult for your partner to have an orgasm. If you have such a problem, be sure to get help.

6-Not Paying Attention to cleanliness

A lot of men don’t pay much attention to their personal cleanliness. Before sex, teeth can be brushed, showered. Paying attention to your own cleanliness prevents the other person from bothering you. A man who smells of sweat is not tempted to the other side.

7-Focus only on the satisfaction of his cat

Men often focus only on their own sexuality. They don’t care if your wife has an orgasm. In such cases, after a while, the other party does not feel sexually satisfied. As a result of this, he drifts away from sexuality and cools off. It’s important to remember that sexuality should please both people.

8-İgnoring a woman’s fear of pregnancy

When men are ready for sex, they want to start sexting quickly. But if a woman has a fear of getting pregnant, she should care about it. When there is a risk of pregnancy, a condom can be used to reduce the woman’s fears. In such cases, saying “I do not want this” and ignoring the woman’s fears can reduce the desire of the other party to sexuality.

9-Insisting on behavior that the woman does not want

Sex is lived with two people. If the man forces the woman to do things that she does not want and does not enjoy in her sexuality, the woman will be junked from her sexuality. No one should force anyone into what they don’t want while sexuality is happening. Forcing the woman into sexual positions that she feels pain, feels insecure or dislikes takes the opposite side away from her sexuality. Being persistent only cools you off sexually.

10-After making love, turn back to sleep

Embrace your partner after experiencing sexuality, express your love. If you turn around and lie down, she might feel used. This will prevent the next sexuality from happening. It would be very disrespectful to the other side. It doesn’t happen sexually when there’s no respect or love.

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