What causes water poisoning? What are the symptoms?

Water consists of the most basic nutrients in the business, such as adjusting the body’s temperature balance, maintaining the life of cells and burning and digesting food. However, excessive consumption of water can cause our deterioration and even water poisoning. So what are the symptoms of water poisoning? What causes water poisoning?

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Water poisoning; As a result of excessive water consumption, the balance of electrolytes in our body is disrupted and it occurs as fatal damage to brain functions. Excessive water consumption causes kidneys to work excessively and therefore mineral loss is high. Due to the accumulation of water in the cells, water accumulates and swells in the cells. When the excreted edema reaches the brain, edema may occur in the brain, causing death and worse diseases.

Symptoms manifested by water poisoning;

  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Headache,
  • They are changes that occur in consciousness.

The formation of water poisoning causes sodium deficiency in our body as a result of sweating. Drinking water before this deficiency is completed causes sodium to decrease more. Muscle cramps occur as a result of the decrease in sodium, which enables our nervous system, and it manifests itself in the form of vomiting. As a result, if sodium deficiency that balances blood pressure is not taken, it may result in coma or death.
In general, water poisoning; It occurs in athletes, marathon runners and people who want to lose weight, doing sports that cause excessive sweat loss. It is very important to intervene as soon as sodium deficiency occurs. If the person who has poisoning can be fed orally, supplements are made with salty drinks. If it can not be taken by mouth; It is supported by vascular access.
In cases that absolutely occur in this way, consult a doctor immediately. This irreversible situation can create great problems.

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