Factors that increase Sperm viability

To maintain Sperm viability, it is important to have a healthy diet. If you are wondering what are the factors that increase Sperm viability and what foods you can have more active sperm with, Don’t go without looking at our article.

A proper and healthy diet is of great importance to your reproductive health. You can protect your reproductive health by feeding with nutrients that will increase your Sperm viability and prevent this from leading to larger health problems in the future.

Sunflower seeds

These foods are very rich in zinc, selenium, Larginin, etc.and attract attention with their properties that increase sperm movement. Foods that contain minerals such as selenium, zinc, milk, almonds, walnuts, such as products include.Hazelnut and peanut folic acid, which acts on the genetic structure of sperm in men, is abundant in legumes such as nuts, peanuts, lentils and almonds.


Banana contains a rare enzyme, 2 per day when consumed, has a regulating effect on sex hormones. Bananas also contain plenty of vitamins A, B1 and C, which support sperm production.Asparagus, which contains plenty of vitamin C in asparagus, has a feature that prevents the oxidation of sperm and protects the cells in the testicles.


Beef containing plenty of zinc in its content, thanks to this feature increases the endurance of sperm.Garlic contains the substance ‘allicin ‘ to speed up the flow of blood to the genitals as well as increase sperm vitality.

Tomatoes and potatoes

Vitamin E reduces the oxidative stress of sperm, as well as its effect on healthy reproduction makes it easier to enter the egg. Vitamin E is often found in tomato, potato, hazelnut and fish oil.Arganin, a substance in Walnut content, promotes sperm production as well as increases semen volume. Rich in Omega-3, walnuts accelerate blood flow to the genitals.


Avocado, which is rich in E, B6 and amino acids, strengthens the sperm’s interaction with the egg.Ginseng increases libido and increases blood flow to the genitals, ginseng also has a therapeutic effect on men with erectile problems.


Vitamin C, which is abundant in it, is noted for reducing oxidative stress as well as improving the genetic materials of sperm.Dark chocolate dark chocolate is rich in amino acids, known to increase the amount of sperm 2 times, if consumed every day a certain amount of orgasm makes more fun.


Oysters, known to have an aphrodisiac effect, have a sperm count-boosting effect because they contain plenty of zinc. In addition to increasing Sperm count, you should regularly consume the oyster, which is known to repair sperm damage.

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