Everyone may have bad days as well as good days in their lives, but you are the one who will cheer up the day and add meaning and joy to it. Of course, we all want to be happy. So do we strive to be happy?

Your outlook on life also affects how you see your surroundings. The blue pillow you use every day, the orange plate you put on the table every morning at breakfast. Are you just that? Aren’t you going to do something new for yourself?

Photo by Nacho Juu00e1rez on Pexels.com

If you want to have a happier life, 30 good advice about life that will raise your spirits and make you look at life happier is waiting for you to apply.


1) Plant trees, remove weeds, let your hands meet the soil.

2) Don’t expect someone to accompany you to laugh.

3) Grow tomatoes, peppers, parsley in your garden, in a suitable corner of your balcony. It will be very sweet to eat a vegetable that you have sowed even a little bit of seeds by hand.

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

4) Be patient, there is a right time for what you want to come true.

5) Make something. Paint, write, knit a scarf or a sweater.

6) Slow down and enjoy the moment.

7) Forgive someone you have held a grudge against for a long time. Love a child or baby. He will see that a positive energy passes to you from them.

9) Avoid doing anything that will upset and hurt children.

10) Take out the fairy tale books you read in your childhood and read them again.

11) Give yourself enough time to finish a job.

12) Don’t tie your successes and failures to luck.

13) Love an animal or hug it if you can.

14) Feel the splendor of the sunrise and sunset.

15) Remember that the past is behind and the future may never come.

16) You don’t have to love your flaws, but at least you can accept them.

17) Watch the ants build their homes and carry food 10 times their own weight.

18) Let your inner child misbehave from time to time.

19) Success is a process, not a destination. Always remember this.

20) Keep flowers in your home.

21) Carry candy in your pocket or purse. You can give these to your friends or children you meet.

22) Do not delay your work. So you have enough time to go back and correct mistakes.

23) If you have a friend you haven’t called in a long time, call him right now.

24) Grab your book that has been waiting to be read on the shelf for a long time and start reading.

25) Hang out occasionally. Go to the playground and get on the swing, eat candy apple or cotton candy. Jump rope, or play marbles.

26) Learn a new language.

27) Get out of your routines. Discover a different way than the way you have always used, it moves your furniture. Shop from a different place. So do something different.

28) Give someone a helping hand.

29) Change what you can change in your life and leave the rest alone.

30) And be thankful for something you have today.

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