What is bruising? What is good for bruising?

Bruises may occur as a result of hitting a person. These bruises are called “hematoma” in medical language. As a result of the impact, there may be pain or pain besides redness, swelling or bruising on the skin. Swelling occurs between 5 and 15 minutes due to the impact. After this period, swelling stops, but redness and bruising continue. The main cause of redness is bleeding under the skin. As long as this bleeding continues, bruising will continue.

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Causes of Bruising

There may be many reasons for bruising, and the reason may vary depending on the region where it occurs. In some cases, bruises can be a harbinger of diseases. For this reason, they should not be neglected according to the region and severity of bruises.

  • Aging,
  • Impact,
  • Sprain, dislocation, fracture in any part of the body,
  • Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by fatigue and digestive system problems,
  • Combustion,
  • Medicines used for a long time,
  • Cracks in capillaries,
  • Vitamin C deficiency
  • Allergy,
  • Bruises may also occur as a result of heart disease and many diseases.

The main cause of bruises that appeal to a wide spectrum should be determined by the doctor and treated if there is an underlying disease. In this article, we will talk about bruises caused mostly by physical reasons.

Treatment of Bruises

It would be appropriate to intervene with cold water first to prevent the reddening caused by the impact and to relieve the pain felt. Cold or cold compress will prevent the spread of the rash and will also help reduce the pain. Cold is an effective method to stop bleeding under the skin. Generally, the pain disappears almost completely after about half an hour after the impact. In the following days after the rash, bruises begin to form in the area exposed to the impact. The bruises are replaced by a green color after ten days. The reason for these color changes is that the blood that occurs as a result of the bleeding under the skin begins to be absorbed by the body. As the blood is completely absorbed by the body, bruising and pain lose their effect.

It is important to cool the area in the first intervention phase of the bruises caused by the impact. After the bruises and redness occur, help can be obtained from pomades for the first few days. As a result of this local treatment, hematomas improve within fifteen to twenty-one days. Sometimes, bruises, in other words, hematomas, can be seen on the hands, fingers and nails that are squeezed between two objects such as doors, windows and the like. In such cases, sometimes surgical intervention may be required. With the surgical intervention, the accumulated blood is drained and recovery is achieved immediately. The healing period of hematomas is limited to a maximum of one month. However, in cases where the hematoma is severe and complex, this period may be prolonged or surgical intervention may be required.

Bruises occur as a result of hitting or squeezing an area on the body of the person. Redness and bruises may also occur as a result of crushing limbs such as hands and feet, which are stuck in doors and windows. If there is no severe fall, impact or crushing, this situation, which does not constitute any health problem, may cause visual discomfort and sometimes pain and aches. Sometimes it can cause a person to feel a lot of pain. Although medications and ointments are a choice to relieve this pain and pain, herbal methods are the most common treatments. It is one of the reasons why it is preferred because it gives both easy and faster and effective results. The fact that there are almost no side effects is effective in using these methods rather than using pomade and medication. If the person has no known allergies, natural treatment methods should be preferred.

It is also possible to treat bruises and redness naturally and to reduce pain.

Black Olives: Black olives, meat and olive oil are among the most common methods. Black olives are pitted to remove bruises and to ensure that the blood under the skin is easily and quickly absorbed by the body. The pulp is crushed into a pulp and applied to the area affected by the impact.

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Raw Meat: Another method is to pound the raw meat and apply it directly on the affected area. This is to prevent bruising and redness.

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Dough: The dough to be prepared with olive oil according to the size of the area affected by the impact is wrapped in the area of ​​redness and kept in this way for a while. It is an effective method for both reducing pain and eliminating redness.

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Rosemary Oil: Another method that can be recommended for people who do not prefer to use pomade or cream is rosemary oil. Rosemary oil is effective in treating redness and bruising caused by falling or hitting. Applying rosemary oil on the area exposed to the impact will provide the removal of redness and bruises in a short time and will also reduce the pain. It is also effective in stopping blood in cuts and boiling the skin faster.

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Ice: The bruises caused by the impact can be prevented from increasing even more when applied with ice immediately. From the first moment, ice application many times within 24 hours can reduce bruising.

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Olive Oil: Another effective treatment method against bruises caused by impact is olive oil. Applying genuine olive oil to the affected area three times a day for a few days can help remove bruises.

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