What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy, in a very short definition, means treatment with a book. The purpose of this method is to understand the emotional problems of the person, to overcome the problems of adaptation to life and to try to define all the details of the mood of the person. Bibliotherapy, in which another way of defining it is “bringing the right person with the right book at the right time”, is a technique in which the person starts treatment as he / she reads.

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Among the aims of the method, solving their own problems in the technical direction comes first in the world that the person enters into by reading. It is also stated that people who train themselves well and learn the method in detail can make successful applications on the subject within the scope of this technique, which is mostly supported by various CDs and similar materials besides books. The main station of the treatment process can be described as “establishing a dynamic relationship between the book read and the personality of the client”. This process continues with 3 main steps;

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  • Identification and reflection
  • Purification, cleansing, relaxation (relief through excitement discharge with re-remembering of previous traumatic events)
  • Insight and integration

Before the aforementioned stages, the therapist should have a good preparation period and should fulfill the book selection stages properly during this period.

In the therapy process in the concept of bibliotherapy, it is aimed to recognize one’s emotions, to know what he feels and to live his innerness correctly. To achieve this, the therapy material to be used is of great importance. In this way, it is aimed to help the person to recognize his own personality. In addition, it is essential to contribute to the development of the person and to follow a good way in terms of communication.
During bibliotherapy, the person may come face to face with emotional problems. This face-to-face can create positive changes on the person. In addition to these, the person can learn to cope with life difficulties and emotional distress. The different perspectives gained by the person during the therapy can provide the ability to approach problems in different ways, as well as the person can treat previous emotional injuries in this way.

During the bibliotherapy process, sometimes the person can discover some of their feelings. The individual who finds out the feelings he cannot name and learns that these feelings can be met in line with their needs can get positive results as a result of the therapy.

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If we want to give an example of bibliotherapy, one of the best examples can be “The Blind Man and the Elephant”, which is also an ancient Indian story. The main theme in the story is the idea of ​​”how people perceive the world they live in”. The situation in the story is based on the fact that a group of blind people make descriptions by touching the elephant and the perception of the elephant with different descriptions according to the area each person touches.

Bibliotherapy can be briefly described as a method by which many problems can be solved psychologically and that leads to reading and understanding. While people approach the solution of problems with the perspectives they have gained, they also realize that they are not alone in dealing with their problems. Thus, inner relaxation and peace are also experienced.

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